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DHA Architects work extensively in mental and physical healthcare, disability and elderly care sectors.

We have been working with the NHS, private healthcare and charitable organisations for over 2 decades and have delivered a vast array of projects in Acute Care, Mental Health and Primary Care environments.

We have contributed to a number of significant business cases for healthcare development and are familiar with meeting the requirements of the NHS capital investment manual.

With a high degree of technical expertise required, unique practical and strategic factors to take into consideration and increasing pressure on budgets at all levels, providing professional services in the healthcare sector demands both skill and experience. The budgets for these projects tend to be significant and the degree of planning sophistication required calls for highly competent and multi-disciplinary skillset – attributes that DHA hold in the required depth.






We are adept at understanding the challenges associated with construction in highly technical and occupied environments and are able to deliver complex projects with minimal disruption to services.

We have worked in association with the University of Sterling’s Dementia Services Development Centre, bringing best practice dementia care into our projects and enabling us to undertake dementia audit services.