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Our distinctive approach is centred on the personalities and design skills of each member of staff with each project being managed by a Chartered Architect. This methodology delivers a unique design and project management service that is totally accessible to our clients.

As a small practice, we offer personalised and cost-effective services that are adaptable to specific client and programme needs.

      To this end, members of staff are fluent in Italian, Urdu, Arabic,            Punjabi and French.






At DHA Architects we strive to develop close relationships with our clients from the start - helping us to really get to know how you think, what your aspirations area, how you live or how your business works or what your end-user requirements are.


We listen, engage, ask questions and respond with clear and informed design proposals.


We understand context, history, policy and reason.


We help our clients to create economies and efficiencies from inception through to delivery without compromising on the quality of the finished product.


We utilise a wide variety of techniques, ensuring our proposals are suited to their context, your requirements and to the relevant project stage. This ranges from early conceptual freehand sketches to 3D rendering software or hand-rendered imagery for planning applications to detailed CAD programmes for construction.


Where required, work stage reports are geared to ensuring that set design criteria are implemented.


At every stage, our approach aims to express our passion whilst respecting those involved in the project and valuing their input within a professional, empathetic and truthful manner.