ST MICHAEL'S CHURCH, Birmingham Daniel Hurd Associates - ST MICHAEL'S CHURCH, Birmingham


Client: Archdiocese of Birmingham
Location: Birmingham

St Michael's Church is the centre of the Polish Catholic community in Birmingham. The current building was constructed in a Neoclassical Doric style in 1802, however, refurbishment works in the 1960's had largely covered over the features of interest.

It was the Priest's vision to have these features reflected in a new interior refurbishment scheme which sought to breathe new life into the space. Principally, this included the re-introduction of a 2 centred Sanctuary arch, from whose form the remodelling of the Sanctuary steps was developed in matching limestone with new stone Alter, Lectern, Font and Tabernacle furniture.

Central to the new expression of praise and thanksgiving is a mural of Leonardo da Vinci's depiction of "The Last Supper," painted by local parishioner Bartlomiej Roczniak.

With the re-plastering of the walls, re-decorations, new flooring and lighting, the use of colour and form within the artwork compliments the architectural proportions of the interior spaces and large stained glass windows to create an insirational resonance that is joyful and a true aid to contemplation and prayer.

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