Client: The Little Sisters of The Poor
Location: London

Constructed as part of the St Anne's Home development, the associated Chapel gives prominence to the Christian mission of The Little Sisters. 

The building is embranced by the sweeping architectural forms of the main care home building to signify its presence at the heart of the home. Internally, the volume is double-height, with balcony seating at first floor level. Externally, the chapel has a pure cylindrical geometry signifying solidarity and expressing the simplicity of the Sisters' mission, whilst making a very definite ecclesiastical statement.

The main access to the chapel is via a wide entrance from the internal "street" within the care home, enabling informal congregations before and after services.

Careful consideration was given to the acoustic design of this space, both in terms of controlling external noise and internal acoustic performance.

PUBLICATIONS: Church Building | Issue 119 | Sept / Oct 2009

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